MRS launches new think tank: MRS Delphi Group

The Market Research Society has launched the MRS Delphi Group which it says is a " think tank set up to research and investigate the most important business and public interest issues of the day."

The MRS says that "drawing on the intellectual capital created by the UK’s agencies, the Group will deliver valuable insight across a range of important business, social and political issues."

“In any client project, huge amounts of ancillary knowledge is created and we want to tap into that and pull together the tremendous intellectual capital and creative power that exists within our sector” said Jane Frost, the CEO of MRS

The MRS Delphi Group is led by "a collection of the most respected thinkers in the marketing and research sectors" including directors from Quadrangle, TNS, GfK, Freshminds. There is one client representative on the Group - Suzi Williams, Marketing Director BT. BT are not members of AURA.

The MRS Delphi Group will publish research on two to three critical industry and public issues a year. Their first report “From commercial to creative capital” will focus on the wider impact of research in the UK.