Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

All AURA members have the option of joining various specialist interest groups (SIGs), some of which do not require additional subscriptions.


International SIG

Over 200 of AURA members are interested in research and insight from an international perspective. Many members have global experience but others are new to international research. Whether they are operating in 150, 50 or even just 1 overseas location or even if their interest is just in foreign visitors in the UK any AURA member is welcome to join the International AURA Special Interest Group.

AURA International typically meets 3 times per year with speakers and sharing of information and ideas relating to international research and insight. This smaller meeting size is particularly helpful for exchanging of ideas and advice.

There is no additional subscription to be part of this group. For further information please click here.


GIMRA (General Insurance Market Research Association)

This group is open to companies that brand, distribute, or are licensed to underwrite general insurance business in the UK.  GIMRA meets around four times per year to explore best practice in insight management in the insurance sector and hold training events.

GIMRA also undertakes industry-specific syndicated research, such as the home and motor insurance claims surveys which won the Financial Service Research award at the 2012 MRS Research Awards.

An additional subscription of £200 per organisation is payable for membership of GIMRA which covers costs for the meetings and training. 

For further information, please click here.