AURA Insight is a networking forum for clientside insight professionals

Member organisations exchange relevant experience, best practice in insight management and feedback on agencies. We also represent the views of clientside professionals across the insight and research industry.
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Upcoming Events

Event Date
Members' Meeting - Award Winning case studies 27/01/16
Members' Meeting - Insight Impact Awards Finalists 08/03/16
Members' Meeting - Analytics 06/07/16
What our members say about us:
  • Aura is an invigorating and energizing forum where you can debate with experts to identify the most effective best practice methodologies for the industry.

  • By swapping ideas and experiences, you feel engaged with other professionals and come away refreshed and buzzing with inspiration!

  • Aura is my first port of call for customer insight ideas and inspiration. It keeps me up to date in an ever changing market research world.

  • AURA is by clients, for clients so everyone shares experience, knowledge, and tips – its very hands on.

  • The seminars are invaluable, time well spent out of the office, real ME time.

  • Educational, informative, a great place to make contact with others and get a different perspective.

  • Aura supports my development needs as a research buyer and user.

  • Aura makes me feel part of an interactive and dynamic research community.

  • It's really the only place you can meet and network with other research buyers.

  • It's a great source of ideas and advice and research methodologies.

  • AURA helps me influence the Market Research Society.

  • AURA keeps me up to date and informed about the latest research developments.