AURA’s Innovation Initiative is a way of connecting suppliers with innovations with AURA members interested in exploring new ways of doing things. 

When budgets are tight it’s often difficult to champion an untried approach.  As a consequence suppliers often struggle with providing proof of concept.  The AURA Innovation Initiative is a way of overcoming this circuitous challenge. 

Opportunities curated by AURA will be offered to its members in return for members collaborating with the supplier on that proof of concept, be it a case study, endorsement or conference paper.  

The Innovation Initiative is offered to AURA members free as part of their corporate membership. AURA does not gain financially from it, nor does it receive any fees or remuneration from participating suppliers.

To view Innovation Initiatives currently on offer to AURA members click here

What do you mean by “innovation”

Innovation is defined here in its broadest sense ie something which delivers insights in a new, different and potentially better way. Technology is by no means a pre-requisite. The innovations on offer could play an important role at any stage of the research process, from frameworks and design through to analysis and presentation of results. 

How are the opportunities chosen?

The team at AURA will evaluate opportunities that come in from suppliers based on a range of criteria which are likely to include

•       Approaches that feel genuinely new but also with a good chance of being effective

•       Manageable size of the financial contribution required from a client to participate

•       The range and type of business questions the initiative could be used to address

How will I find out about opportunities that are coming up?

All new initiatives will be on the AURA website.  You will also receive an email when a new opportunity is posted

How do I get involved?

The supplier will share information on dedicated pages on the AURA website, explaining the innovation itself, the offer and what they are looking for in a collaboration.

If you are interested you will be invited to complete a short briefing form outlining the type of research question you think this approach could help you with.  It doesn’t need to be a live brief: you may want to see how this new approach compares with an approach you took on a recent project.  Your brief will need a business question to answer though, even if it’s a less urgent or hypothetical one.  Your brief will be sent to AURA in the first instance and all briefs will be shared in confidence with the supplier after the closing date.

What’s expected of me if I partner with a supplier?

The supplier will be very clear up front about their expectations.  These could include a financial contribution, involvement in developing a case study evaluating the innovation and/or collaboration on an industry paper.  If a supplier chooses to progress with your brief we will leave you to negotiate the precise terms with them.  It’s important that, if you commit to sharing research findings publicly, you clarify with your corporate comms team how that will work early on in the process.

What if I have questions before submitting my brief?

For the pilot we’d appreciate it if questions could be sent to AURA in the first instance.  Your question could be one that is helpful to others so we’d like the opportunity to share as much useful information with everyone.  However we’re very happy to put you in touch with the supplier if you would prefer to deal with them directly.

How many projects will the supplier offer to AURA members?

That’s down to the supplier.  In addition, we would always allow them the right to refuse briefs if they didn’t feel they were suitable

Will I get sold to?

Absolutely not, although you will see on the form there’s an option for the supplier to get in touch to share more about their innovation should your application not be selected.

What does AURA gain from this?

We are developing this idea as a new service for our members.  AURA will act as the middle man or “matchmaker” between our members and a supplier but won’t get involved in any negotiations that take place between a member and a supplier. AURA does not stand to gain financially from this initiative and no fees are paid by suppliers to be featured, and it’s not involved in  the selection of projects going forward. 


Have more questions?  

Drop Suzanne a line at [email protected]

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