The AURA Innovation of the Year Final

29 Jun 2022 9:00am
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Culture & Trends: Shining a light on cultural shadows

A new way of understanding cultural value and new research showing the gaps between what we value as people and how brands demonstrate their value
23 Jun 2022 9:00am

Semiotics: Getting to the truly emergent

Uncover the codes of the future through a combination of human expertise, AI tools, extreme consumer perspectives and semiotic fieldwork
8 Jun 2022 9:00am

Transforming Insight Teams to Agile Working [online]

With NatWest
6 Apr 2022 9:00am
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The Best of the MRS 2021

London Seminar, RAF Club Piccadilly
20 Jan 2022 10:00am
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Quant Research: The Unspeakable Truth

Online event with Vaughan Flood, Flood & Partners
12 Jan 2022 9:00am
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Systems Thinking Storytelling

1st December 2021, 0900hrs [online]
1 Dec 2021 9:00am

AURA Seminar and AGM

RAF Club, Piccadilly, London [in person event]
23 Nov 2021 9:30am

Qualitative Semiotics: Understanding how consumers form meanings

10th November, 0900hrs [online]
10 Nov 2021 9:00am

Data liberation through research intelligence

27th October, 0900hrs [online]
27 Oct 2021 9:00am

AURA at Quirks London

13 Oct 2021 9:30am

The AURAs Awards Dinner

30 Sep 2021 7:00pm

Return of AURA to the RAF Club: Best of Qualitative Research 2021, in association with the AQR

What we have learned and how we will do things differently and better from here
30 Sep 2021 9:30am

Anticipation to Anxiety: Catching the wave of post-Covid life

Listen & Learn will talk about 6 consumer personas, each with very different experiences of the pandemic and a different approach to life post-Covid
15 Sep 2021 9:00am

The 'Great Innovation Reset'' PLUS HSBC's Insight Hub

Two speakers: HSBC will talk about their insight hub, and we'll also hear about the-first-to-know innovation diffusion model
31 Aug 2021 9:00am

Person 1st - A new improved approach for delivering qualitative insight

A new approach to qual with award winning qualitiative practitioner, Kath Rhodes from Qual Street
18 Aug 2021 9:00am

Insight Impact Awards: The final

The five finalists compete for your vote
19 Jul 2021 9:00am
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AURA's Innovation of the Year: The Final

Watch the shortlisted innovations battle it out
30 Jun 2021 9:00am

The Best Research Agencies You've (Probably) Never Heard Of: Class of 2021

The second of our sessions this month showcasing great work from less well know agencies
26 May 2021 9:00am

The Best Research Agencies You've (Probably) Never Heard Of: Class of 2021

The first of two sessions this month showcasing some of the best unknown research talent out there
19 May 2021 9:00am

Future themes: Sustainability and Productivity

With Spotify, Sparkler and BoxClever
27 Apr 2021 4:00pm

Right trend, standout product

How Sainsbury’s predict the future using Google technology
20 Apr 2021 9:00am

COVID-19: Everything's Changed, Nothing's Changed

With HSBC and SHED
14 Apr 2021 9:30am

The New Rebellion: Gen Alpha Changing the World by Stealth

With Pete Maginn, Beano Brain
7 Apr 2021 9:00am

April is Futures Month

7 Apr 2021 9:00am

Challenging research norms to drive commercial impact

Why ethnography and analytics make the perfect partnership
9 Mar 2021 9:00am

Sci Fi for Marketers

Want to see into the future? How a systems based approach might help
16 Feb 2021 9:00am

Best of the MRS Awards: The Science Edit

Three MRS Award winning papers applying behavioural science, data science and AI
9 Feb 2021 9:00am

Best of the MRS Awards: The Impact Edit

See three winning papers from 2020's MRS Awards focusing on business impact and insight management
28 Jan 2021 9:00am

Beyond Binary: How Brands Can Navigate Gender Representation

Recommendations on how brands can respond to emergent gender representation to ensure cultural relevance
9 Dec 2020 1:00pm

The Art & Science of Landing Insights

Join AURA's Agency of the Year as they share their approach to storytelling
2 Dec 2020 2:30pm


Some legal formalities plus a chance to find out how AURA spends your money and its plans for the year ahead
26 Nov 2020 4:00pm
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Research Innovation in Action

Four of the Best New Research Ideas Out There
26 Nov 2020 9:00am

The Process of Innovation

This session will introduce three new approaches to the innovation process itself from expert practitioners in the field
25 Nov 2020 9:00am

Job hunting tips that will get you hired - fast!

This is a comprehensive run through of everything you need to know about how to get noticed in a challenging jobs market
19 Nov 2020 12:00pm

Polishing your interview technique and mastering Zoom interviews

Practical tips and advice on smashing that interview ... even on Zoom
17 Nov 2020 11:00am

Job hunting strategies and writing a winning CV

Practical tips on navigating the new normal world of job hunting and improving your CV
17 Nov 2020 9:30am

Event: Life after COVID – exploring the new social and economic landscape

The second of two mini seminars on the best new qual thinking, curated in association with the AQR. Duration 90 minutes
22 Sep 2020 9:30am

Event: Adapting in a crisis – how brands and businesses responded to COVID

The first of two mini seminars on the best new qual thinking, curated in association with the AQR. Duration 90 minutes
21 Sep 2020 9:30am

The AURAs Awards Ceremony

Glad rags on!
10 Sep 2020 4:00pm
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Seminar: AURA Insight Impact Award Session 3

Session 3: Legal & General and RNIB
10 Sep 2020 2:00pm
Members only

Seminar: AURA Insight Impact Award Session 2

Session 2: England & Wales Cricket Board, Formula 1, HSBC
10 Sep 2020 11:00am
Members only

Seminar: AURA Insight Impact Award Session 1

Session 1: BT Enterprise and Chivas Global Brands
10 Sep 2020 9:30am
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31 Jul 2020 1:00pm
Members only

SEMINAR: The Best Research Agencies You've (Probably) Never Heard Of - the Change Edit

Session 3: 1400-1520hrs Market disruption and changing perceptions
9 Jul 2020 2:00pm

SEMINAR: The Best Research Agencies You've (Probably) Never Heard Of - the Change Edit

Session 2: 1100-1210hrs The changing face of renting and evolving a brand's positioning
9 Jul 2020 11:00am

SEMINAR: The Best Research Agencies You've (Probably) Never Heard Of - the Change Edit

Session 1: 0930-1050hrs Digital Transformation and Occasion Based Segmentation
9 Jul 2020 9:30am
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Industry chat on how to do qual well during lockdown

Opportunities for us to talk together as an industry, reflect on what’s happening and to equip us for the next phase
4 May 2020 12:30pm

Doing More With Less: AURA April Seminar Session 3

How Primark rebuilt its German business with no new research (Shed Research) and how to truly understand public attitudes to the blind (Versiti)
29 Apr 2020 2:00pm
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Doing Things Differently: AURA April Seminar Session 2

How to use WhatsApp and seeded GenZ friendship groups to deliver insights differently. With Kindling and Razor Research
29 Apr 2020 11:30am
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Making Life Better: AURA April Seminar Session 1

Social insight agency Listen & Learn and British Red Cross on loneliness, and children's research specialists on Sherbert on childhood obesity
29 Apr 2020 9:30am
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Seminar: Best of the MRS 21st January 2020

RAF Club, Piccadilly, London
21 Jan 2020 9:30am
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Big Framework for Growth: Customer centricity

Webinar: The Forge
4 Dec 2019 1:00pm

The Evolving Qualitative Showcase

In association with the AQR
26 Sep 2019 9:30am
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